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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in side_show's LiveJournal:

Thursday, May 13th, 2004
7:37 pm
hi. this is josh's friend ben. we found his laptop and guessed his live journal password.

Sideshow (josh) died recently and we wanted to let you all know that. If you don't believe me, read this

any comments are appreciated.
Saturday, May 1st, 2004
8:27 am
hi this is the story of something that happened to me since i last posted
hi so i was at the park and then i was sitting there on the ground and this bottle of juice falls down right next to me all hard and stuff like if my head was right there i would be in the hospital right now and anyway the guy that threw it was standing on the bride over the park and i was like dude why did you throw that at me and he was like hey man i know you from 3rd grade but he said it in the mocking voice and he didnt even answer my question and i didnt recognize him anyway and i was like dude your messed up man that could have hurt and he was like no dude your messed up and i was like jeez man your messed up and he was like nah and then i went up on the bridge and asked him to apologize and he wouldnt and then i looked in his eyes and i could tell he wanted to hurt me and he was kind of backing me up on the bridge so i took a swing and then he was like thats messed up and then i got all mad cus he was looking at me like he was gonna punch me and then he got all mad when i defended myself and then my friends were like sideshow your so fucked up and i was like no your fucked up and then they were like your fucked up sideshow and i was like no way you guys are fucked up and i went down to talk to them and they grabbed me and threw me in the bush and beat me with a skateboard and when i came to my friend mohawk was asking me to leave the park and then we had this argument cus he was like sideshow get out of here and i was like ok im leaving and he was like then leave and that made me mad cus i was leaving and i told him i was and then he said then leave again and then i said it again and then he said it again and i looked and my torso was bleeding a lot and he started laughing at me and so i finally left and then i thought about what my friends in bible study said so i went to a church and found a man of god and talked to him about it and it was cool because i didnt need to go into a booth or anything and he liked that and then he told me to pray and i was feeling so good like it was gonna happen and i spoke to god but he didnt say anything back just like he used to when i was a kid and so i went down town and found a litle place to snuggle in and sleep and i cried

thats all
Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
10:18 pm
hi this is the subject of the third journal because if i didnt write a subject then you wouldnt know
what the subject was

so anyway hi my name is sideshow and if you didnt know that then you cant read cus it says SIDESHOWS JOURNAL duh oh my god so anyway hi i have found out something about the internet which i am new to because my feelings were hurt on the bible_study community ( www.livejournal.com/community/bible_study) because i wanted to learn about jesus and talk to nice people that arent like my friends at the park and they didnt like me so they got rid of my post and i didnt tell my girlfriend this but i cried myself to sleep that night which made me feel sad cause thats what happens when you cry so anyway i know im not very smart or intelligent and that i dont read very many books but i can read and people understand me sometimes so im happy and i wanted to learn about jesus and grow but i got shut down and if i told my friends at the park they would kick me out and then i couldnt stay there

thats all!
Monday, April 26th, 2004
10:04 pm
HI this is the subject of my second entry which i am telling you cus if i ditnt' then there wouldnt
be a subject

so anyway i have a story to tell everyone casue this one day i was at the park cause thats where i always am DUH WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU THINK god you can be so stupid sometimes (thats what i say to myself when im being stupid) and so i was at this group of people at the park and the one guy with the guitar wwas playing with it and he had a big old stick and i was like dude lets have some stick combat and he was like sweet and i didn't have a stick so i just started beating him with my shoe and then the cops came and they were like you need to stop and then mohawk was like shut the fuck up piggie and i was like yeah you tell him and then he told me to shut the fuck up and i told him he was being fucked up and then he told me that i was being fucked up and that made me all fucked up in the head so i got all mad and started biting him on the leg and then he was bleeding and then i was in the back of the cop car and they thought i was young so they were trying to get a hold of my parents and i told the guy i would only tell them who my parents were if i whispered in his ear so hhe leaned all close and i BIT HIS FUCKING EAR OFF

thats all!
Saturday, April 24th, 2004
9:43 pm
stuff that happened or happens sometimes because it happened the other day and i wanted to tell you
oh man so i was at the park this one time and i'm going to tell you the story of how i discovered THE INTERNET EXPLORER ok? ok well i was at the park cuz im like always at the park so i was at the park well anyway i was at the park and then there was this guy and he had this machine and he was pounding on the keys and one of my friends called it a lap-top so i went over there and he was making words and i was trying to talk to him and then he called me a name and that was so fucked up so i was like oh my god im like so angry and then he was like go away and i got mad and i beat him over and over and over again with my friends skateboard and then i took his lap top and it had the internet explorer so we went to a store and we stole all the computer cords we could find and it didnt go so well cuz my friend had to go to the bathroom and the stores management found him pooping on the ground in the store before we could get away with anything except i stole a power cord and it worked so i went to the library and found a socket that makes power for the computer and i had my friend who is like a mechanical computer genius make me all these programs in the form of a cd and one of them was THE INTERNET EXPLORER and he showed me this and it was really cool and so i wanted one and i cant do the typing thing very well and sometimes i get mad and i just start typing and sometimes i do that for fun too because its really fun to just get really mad and stuff you know and then this one time at the park this kid called me sideshow which is my name and stuff but he said it in this way that was like he wasn't saying my name and it made me really mad so i hit him until he bled.

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